16 guirlandes de Noël DIY pour les vacances

by Jessica

16 DIY Garlands You'll Want to Make This Christmas |  Mom vine

Christmas is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s time to dazzle with decorations and bring festive joy to the house. We’ve done all the research for you and found 16 great Christmas tinsel that you can whip up in no time.

Here are 16 DIY Christmas garlands for the holidays.

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Christmas wreath with paint chips

Turning paint chips into Christmas lights is fun and free! (via A girl and a glue gun )

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Easy DIY Reindeer Garland

From Dasher to Cupid and from Ruldolph to Vixen, all of Santa’s reindeer will have fun on your coat this Christmas. (via Correct )

Geometric garland

Give color to your Christmas decoration with this golden bent garland

Triangles are all the rage this season, so give your Christmas decorations a splash with this golden garland. (via Almost perfect )

Colorful ribbon

Easy to DIY Washi Ribbon Christmas Wreath

Covering letters in lots of colorful strips is so easy that kids can do it for you! Your simple DIY Christmas decoration is sorted. (via Paper and pin )

It’s easy

DIY candy cane Christmas wreath

If the thought of DIY fills you with dread, this garland is for you. Just store purchased candy canes tied to a string. (via Dana Made )

Vintage design

DIY vintage inspired Christmas wreath

Using a Christmas story as a support for this garland would make a magnificent and meaningful decoration this festive season. (via Mercy )

Colored markers

Cute felt Christmas wreath

No sewing required just a hot glue gun and you can make pretty little Christmas trees all in a row. (via It’s always autumn )

Let’s go around

Twisty Garland for Easy Felt Christmas Tree

Twist your tree with lots of colors this Christmas. With strips of white and colored felt, you just have to twist them to create these garlands. (via Purl Soho )

Cool scandi

Easy DIY Wooden Christmas Wreath

For a Scandi feeling this Christmas, this garland is simple but has a lot of design. (via La Trastienda de Liderlamp )

I train

Vertical paper Christmas wreath

This garland is more vertical than horizontal. Going up and down the wall is almost like a work of art without a price tag. (via Made and redone )

Don’t bother cooking

Easy and inexpensive DIY Cupcake Christmas wreath

If your Christmas baking is more like burning Christmas, then why not use the cupcake liners for a Christmas wreath instead? (via A perfect day )

One for the tree

Easy DIY Letter Wreath for the Christmas Tree

If you are looking for something different for your tree, use a garland instead of traditional garlands. (via The TomKat Studio )

Good enough to eat

Edible gingerbread Christmas wreath

Prepare for cooking for an easy and edible Christmas wreath. Just add small holes in your gingerbread men to allow you to hang up with a ribbon. (via Honestly Yum )

Ring the bell

Christmas garland, straw and bell

Who would have thought that the assembly of straws and bells would work? Well, it does and it looks fabulous! (via Heart in hand in the UK )

Glitzy cones

Add some golden paint to the pine cones for a fancy garland

Adding gold leaf to the pine cones makes them a little more special for that special time of the year. (via The sweetest opportunity )

The bigger the better

DIY Pom Pom Christmas Wreath

You can never go wrong with a pompom! Giant pompoms with Christmas decorations are a winning combo this festive season. (via A beautiful mess )

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